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Legal Advertising: Go with the Pros, or Do-It-Yourself?

April 27, 2012 - If your law firm is thinking about running television commercials, you may be considering trying to manage your campaign yourself. Is this the wisest course of action? Is it penny wise and pound foolish? The following questions could help you decide if it's best to go with the pros or go it alone.

Does someone in your firm have extensive experience in legal advertising and marketing?

No doubt your attorneys are highly trained and experienced in your area of legal expertise. But does anyone in your firm have an extensive background in developing and executing an effective legal advertising campaign? Has a member of your staff written dynamic commercial scripts, directed, filmed and edited successful television commercials? If the answer is no, you need professionals to work in conjunction with your firm to plan an effective marketing strategy, develop your brand, and execute high- quality TV ads that will get your phones ringing the first day they air.

Professional Media Services, Inc. has a 29 year success record of creating targeted custom television commercials for attorneys. We have produced thousands of ads that have helped law firms from coast to coast grow their businesses.

Do you know when to run your television commercials to reach your target demographic?

You are well aware of the types of individuals who make up your clientele. But do you know what time of day they watch TV, which channels they tune in to, and which programs they watch?

At Professional Media Services, our experienced media buying team studies your target demographic and compares it to current Nielsen ratings and viewership trends. We make sure your advertising dollars are spent in a highly efficient manner to reach your most likely potential clients.

Do you have the time to manage your own legal television marketing campaign?

We don't need to tell you that attorneys are busy people. Your time is valuable. Is it a good use of your time and resources to produce your commercials, manage media buys, track campaign effectiveness, and plan for future ads? The time you spend on these efforts may be better spent making money for your law firm.

Let the pros at Professional Media Services handle your custom television commercial ad campaign. We have the knowledge, experience, and proven track record to take your business to the next level. We can take care of all your production and media purchasing needs, taking the burden off of you.

Some TV commercial firms make ads for anything anyone wants to sell. Legal advertising is all we do.

Call us today at 1-800-528-9644. With three decades of legal marketing behind us, we are confident that you will agree that you made the right decision to go with the pros.

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